German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry

Name: Liv McLea     (Send e-mail)
City/State: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Country: Canada
Home Page:
Date of Entry: July 21st, 2006 at 22:46
How you found us: Other
Dog's Name: Can.Ch Cyropat's Bounty at Leevenrob CD,TTC
Dog's Call name: Bounty
Dog's Registration No.: YN943980
Dog's Sex: Male
Frozen semen available: N/A
Chilled semen available: N/A
Dog's color:
DNA Profile Number: N/A
OFA Hips Number: prelim'd but not certified
OFA Elbows Number: prelim'd but not certified
Left Distration Index: N/A
- Degenerative Joint Disease: No
- Cavitation: No
- Comments: No comments added
Right Distration Index: N/A
- Degenerative Joint Disease: No
- Cavitation: No
- Comments: No comments added
OVC Hips and Elbows Number: none
BRV/AVA/ANKC Scores: Hips
Norberg Angle(Not known)
Subluxation (SL)(Not known)
Cranial acetabular edge (CrAE)(Not known)
Dorsal acetabular Edge (DAE)(Not known)
Cranial Effective acetabular margin (CrEAM)(Not known)
Acetabular fossa (AF)(Not known)
Caudal acetabular Edge (CdAE)(Not known)
Femoral head and neck exostosis (FH)(Not known)
Femoral head recontouring(Not known)
BRV/AVA/ANKC Scores: Elbows Left: (Not known)     Right: (Not known)
GSD Fed'n. S.A. Hip Scores: (Not known)
"a" Stamp ratings (hips): a1Normal: No   a2FastNormal: No   Noch Zugelassen: No
"a" Stamp ratings (elbows): a1Normal: No   a2FastNormal: No   Noch Zugelassen: No
Thyroid Certification No: none
Canine Eye Registry Foundation Certification No: none
Cardiac Certification No: none
Patella Certification No: none
VwD Certification: No
Hemophila Free Certification: No
Pancreatic Certification: No
DM Flash Test: Not taken
Titles: * Conformation Titles: American/Canadian:
    - CH
* Conformation Titles: German: (None)
* Performance Titles: (None)
* Obedience Titles:
    - CD
* German Working Titles: (None)
* Herding Titles: (None)
* Agility Titles: (None)
* Tracking Titles: (None)
* Rally Titles: (None)
* Versatility Titles: (None)
* Working Dog Sport Titles: (None)
* Miscellaneous Titles: (None)
Other Titles:
Number of Litters: 6 matings
Problems observed
while whelping:
(No problems observed)
Age observed:
Any littermates
still owned?
Owned littermates
problems observed:
Age observed:
Problems observed
at a later date:
(No problems observed)
Age observed:
Aware of any
other problems:
Number of Progeny overall: 29
Progeny in each litter: 3F-3M, 2-4, 4-0, 3-2 ,2-2, 2-2
Number of siblings: 5
Dog's date of birth: 26 July 1991
Dog's date of death: 03 November 2002
Age at time of death: 11 yrs, 3 mths
Sire: Ch. Ourpride's Nobody Is My Name
Dam: Ch.Interest Free at Morningold
Dog's diet: Kibble/Dry Baked
Supplements: Joint / Skeletal
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Every 3+ yrs
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Lymes Disease:
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Vaccination types: Five-in-one combo
Titers used: No
Spayed/neutered: Not done/NA
Health problems: Always healthy
Age health
problems presented:
Diagnosed by
DM Flash Test used: No
Breeder notified of
Health Problems:
Cause of death: Accident; Accidental poisoning with wrong meds
Confirmed?: The dog's death was confirmed by a veterinarian
Breeder notified? No
Was the OFA DM DNA test taken? Not known
OFA DM DNA test number:
OFA DM DNA test result: N/A
Did this dog develop DM
during its lifetime?
Too soon to know
If your dog did develop DM,
but tested as Clear or Carrier,
did you notify the OFA or Dr Coates?
Was a necropsy done on this dog? N/A
Did this dog have progeny? N/A
How did the progeny test? N/A
If the progeny of a clear to clear
breeding tested carrier or at risk,
did you notify the OFA or Dr Coates?
Progeny registration number:
Comments... No comments entered
Pedigree URL: (Not known)
(Sire side)
(Ch. Ourpride's Nobody Is My Name)
GV.Ch. Elkovar Jolly RogerOFA Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Thunderbolt OFA Ch Hutch of Fran-Jo
Covy's Alivia of Tucker Hill
El Diablos Breeze of Elkovar (Not known)
(Not known)
Ch Dawnearl's Lucky Penny OFA Ch. Wotanhalle Finnegan A/C Ch Von Nassau's Dayan, ROM
Wotanhalle Angelique
Fiodonis Tanya CDX OVC (Not known)
(Not known)
(Dam side)
(Ch.Interest Free at Morningold)
Sel.Ch Khaskova Z-Cruise Control GV.Ch. Proven Hill's Banker of Altana OFA Proven Hill's Obi Wan
Kolbrook's Favorite Decision
Ch.Schokrest Jaklyn Klugman Ch GV Schokrest On Parade ROM
Schokrest A Touch Of Magic
Sel.Ch Arbeiter's Keeper of the Knight CD OFA GV Ch Charisma Stonewall Jackson OFA Sire GVCh Aspen of Fran-Jo ROM
Dam Ch Dolmar's Noel of Spring Rock
Sel.Ch Othello Belle Star OFA Can/Sel Ch Wencinschell's Eros ROMC
Tashdala's Adawna

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A huge thank you and tons of hugs to Angus Cook for volunteering his time and efforts to get the GSDBBR working. This could not have been accomplished without his help. We are most grateful for your help, Angus! :)

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