German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry

Name: Janet     (Send e-mail)
City/State: Seattle, Washington
Country: USA
Home Page: (No website)
Date of Entry: November 12th, 2006 at 15:46
How you found us: From an e-mail
Dog's Name: Echowoods Gold Coast
Dog's Call name: Zion
Dog's Registration No.: DL422834/07
Dog's Sex: Male
Frozen semen available: N/A
Chilled semen available: N/A
Dog's color:
DNA Profile Number: (Not given)
OFA Hips Number: (Not given)
OFA Elbows Number: (Not given)
Left Distration Index: (Not given)
- Degenerative Joint Disease: No
- Cavitation: No
- Comments: No comments added
Right Distration Index: (Not given)
- Degenerative Joint Disease: No
- Cavitation: No
- Comments: No comments added
OVC Hips and Elbows Number: (Not given)
BRV/AVA/ANKC Scores: Hips
Norberg Angle(Not known)
Subluxation (SL)(Not known)
Cranial acetabular edge (CrAE)(Not known)
Dorsal acetabular Edge (DAE)(Not known)
Cranial Effective acetabular margin (CrEAM)(Not known)
Acetabular fossa (AF)(Not known)
Caudal acetabular Edge (CdAE)(Not known)
Femoral head and neck exostosis (FH)(Not known)
Femoral head recontouring(Not known)
BRV/AVA/ANKC Scores: Elbows Left: (Not known)     Right: (Not known)
GSD Fed'n. S.A. Hip Scores: (Not known)
"a" Stamp ratings (hips): a1Normal: No   a2FastNormal: No   Noch Zugelassen: No
"a" Stamp ratings (elbows): a1Normal: No   a2FastNormal: No   Noch Zugelassen: No
Thyroid Certification No: (Not given)
Canine Eye Registry Foundation Certification No: (Not given)
Cardiac Certification No: (Not given)
Patella Certification No: (Not given)
VwD Certification: No
Hemophila Free Certification: No
Pancreatic Certification: No
DM Flash Test: Not taken
Titles: * Conformation Titles: American/Canadian: (None)
* Conformation Titles: German: (None)
* Performance Titles: (None)
* Obedience Titles: (None)
* German Working Titles: (None)
* Herding Titles: (None)
* Agility Titles: (None)
* Tracking Titles: (None)
* Rally Titles: (None)
* Versatility Titles: (None)
* Working Dog Sport Titles: (None)
* Miscellaneous Titles: (None)
Other Titles:
Number of Litters: N/A
Problems observed
while whelping:
Age observed:
Any littermates
still owned?
Owned littermates
problems observed:
Age observed:
Problems observed
at a later date:
Age observed:
Aware of any
other problems:
Number of Progeny overall: None
Progeny in each litter: None
Number of siblings: Not known
Dog's date of birth: 10 February 1992
Dog's date of death: 10 February 2001
Age at time of death: 9 yrs, 0 mths
Sire: Ch Covy-Tuck Mordecai Nordlicht
Dam: Echowoods Tender Mercy
Dog's diet: Kibble/Dry Premium Grade, Homemade / homecooked / Special
Supplements: Overall combo (multi-vitamins), Antioxidants, Digestive
Every 2 yrs
Every 3+ yrs
Every 2 yrs
Not known
Lymes Disease:
Vaccination types: Five-in-one combo
Titers used: No
Spayed/neutered: Not done/NA
Health problems: Allergies, DM (aka CDRM), Autoimmune disorders, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), Cauda Equina Syndrome, Gastrointestinal problems, dry eye
Age health
problems presented:
puppyhood. Had two spinal surgeries for blown disks (no injury)
Diagnosed by
DM Flash Test used: No
Breeder notified of
Health Problems:
Cause of death: DM (aka CDRM)
This dog's death was related to his health problems and was euthanised
Confirmed?: The dog's death was confirmed by a veterinarian
Breeder notified? Yes
Was the OFA DM DNA test taken? Not known
OFA DM DNA test number:
OFA DM DNA test result: N/A
Did this dog develop DM
during its lifetime?
Too soon to know
If your dog did develop DM,
but tested as Clear or Carrier,
did you notify the OFA or Dr Coates?
Was a necropsy done on this dog? N/A
Did this dog have progeny? N/A
How did the progeny test? N/A
If the progeny of a clear to clear
breeding tested carrier or at risk,
did you notify the OFA or Dr Coates?
Progeny registration number:
Comments... Dog's death pre-dated the availability of the Flash Test. Three vets concurred with DM diagnosis. Alergy and other autoimmune disorders diagnosed by specialists.
Pedigree URL: (Not known)
(Sire side)
(Ch Covy-Tuck Mordecai Nordlicht)
Saddlecrest's Star Fleet Saddlecrest's Wind Drift Covy Tucker Hills Bently
Covy Tucker Hills Jubal Dawn
Cinway's Princess Leah Ch Covy Tucker Hills Starwars
Ch Phildore's Della of Delray
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Carta Blanca ROM Cobert's Sirrocco of Windigail ROM Select Ch Cobert's Reno of Lakeside, ROM
Ch Cobert's Windsong ROM
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Rosita ROM Covy-Tucker Hills Zindfandel ROM
Ch Covy Tucker Hills Felita ROM
(Dam side)
(Echowoods Tender Mercy)
Ch Echowoods Saratoga Ch Covy's Mazarrati of Tucker Hill ROM Cobert's Sirocco of Windigail ROM
GV Ch Covy's Rosemary of Tuckerhill ROM,
Ch Echowoods Cashmere Ch Sregors M.C.,
Ch Echowoods Velvet of Louron
Ch Echowoods Magnolia Am Can Ch Covy Tucker Hills Finnegan ROM Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill ROM
Covey's Fate of Tucker Hill,
Echowoods Apple-Blossom ROM Am Can Ch Von Nassaus Dayon ROM
Claiburnes NDora of Echowood.

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A huge thank you and tons of hugs to Angus Cook for volunteering his time and efforts to get the GSDBBR working. This could not have been accomplished without his help. We are most grateful for your help, Angus! :)

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