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Name: Marjorie Zimmerman     (Send e-mail)
City/State: Merrick, NY 11566
Country: USA
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Date of Entry: April 27th, 2005 at 23:22
How you found us: American GSD list
Dog's Name: Windswept-Phenyx The Tempest
Dog's Call name: Missie T
Dog's Registration No.: DL87338007
Dog's Sex: Female
Frozen semen available: N/A
Chilled semen available: N/A
Dog's color:
DNA Profile Number: (Not given)
OFA Hips Number: (Not given)
OFA Elbows Number: (Not given)
Left Distration Index: (Not given)
- Degenerative Joint Disease: No
- Cavitation: No
- Comments: No comments added
Right Distration Index: (Not given)
- Degenerative Joint Disease: No
- Cavitation: No
- Comments: No comments added
OVC Hips and Elbows Number: (Not given)
BRV/AVA/ANKC Scores: Hips
Norberg Angle(Not known)
Subluxation (SL)(Not known)
Cranial acetabular edge (CrAE)(Not known)
Dorsal acetabular Edge (DAE)(Not known)
Cranial Effective acetabular margin (CrEAM)(Not known)
Acetabular fossa (AF)(Not known)
Caudal acetabular Edge (CdAE)(Not known)
Femoral head and neck exostosis (FH)(Not known)
Femoral head recontouring(Not known)
BRV/AVA/ANKC Scores: Elbows Left: (Not known)     Right: (Not known)
GSD Fed'n. S.A. Hip Scores: (Not known)
"a" Stamp ratings (hips): a1Normal: No   a2FastNormal: No   Noch Zugelassen: No
"a" Stamp ratings (elbows): a1Normal: No   a2FastNormal: No   Noch Zugelassen: No
Thyroid Certification No: (Not given)
Canine Eye Registry Foundation Certification No: (Not given)
Cardiac Certification No: (Not given)
Patella Certification No: (Not given)
VwD Certification: No
Hemophila Free Certification: No
Pancreatic Certification: No
DM Flash Test: Taken (Positive)
Titles: * Conformation Titles: American/Canadian: (None)
* Conformation Titles: German: (None)
* Performance Titles: (None)
* Obedience Titles: (None)
* German Working Titles: (None)
* Herding Titles: (None)
* Agility Titles: (None)
* Tracking Titles: (None)
* Rally Titles: (None)
* Versatility Titles: (None)
* Working Dog Sport Titles: (None)
* Miscellaneous Titles: (None)
Other Titles:
Number of Litters: N/A
Problems observed
while whelping:
Age observed:
Any littermates
still owned?
Owned littermates
problems observed:
Age observed:
Problems observed
at a later date:
Age observed:
Aware of any
other problems:
Number of Progeny overall: None
Progeny in each litter: None
Number of siblings: Not known
Dog's date of birth: 19 March 2001
Dog's date of death: 18 April 2012
Age at time of death: 11 yrs, 1 mth
Sire: Windswept's Bestseller v Jarnan
Dam: Drum-Phenyx Windswept Glori
Dog's diet: Kibble/Dry Baked, Kibble/Dry Human Grade, Canned Human Grade, Homemade / homecooked / Special
Supplements: Antioxidants, Skin / Coat, Joint / Skeletal
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Every 3+ yrs
Puppy Series/1yr booster
Lymes Disease:
Vaccination types: Individual (4+ weeks apart)
Titers used: Yes
Spayed/neutered: At age 7 months
Health problems: DM (aka CDRM), Skin conditions, positive DM Flash test- falling and scraping nails on the pavement. Missie T has also begun to show a sensitivity to staph infections.
Age health
problems presented:
4 yrs of age
Diagnosed by
DM Flash Test used: Yes
Breeder notified of
Health Problems:
Cause of death: DM (aka CDRM)
This dog's death was related to her health problems and was euthanised
Confirmed?: The dog's death was confirmed by a veterinarian
Breeder notified? Yes
Was the OFA DM DNA test taken? No
OFA DM DNA test number:
OFA DM DNA test result: N/A
Did this dog develop DM
during its lifetime?
If your dog did develop DM,
but tested as Clear or Carrier,
did you notify the OFA or Dr Coates?
Was a necropsy done on this dog? N/A
Did this dog have progeny? N/A
How did the progeny test? N/A
If the progeny of a clear to clear
breeding tested carrier or at risk,
did you notify the OFA or Dr Coates?
Progeny registration number:
Comments... Missie T is a huge, deep chested, powerful, blk/reddish tan blanket back bitch, standing 30 inches tall at the wither. We dont know where her tremendous size came from!!! She has humungous bone. She is as sweet as they come, with a really loving nature - wonderful with children, although she wasnt raised with children.

Missie T was just 4 yrs old in March of 2005. I have carefully monitored her diet and her environment, especially after my DM experience with Jack Flash. Missie T began exhibiting early signs of Degenerative Myelopathy, by the time she was 3 1/2 yrs old, which I might have missed, had I not already gone through the DM experience with Jack Flash, another GSD by whom I was owned. Since she was so young, I was sure I was just being *neurotic* due to my heartbreaking experience with Jack Flash and DM. Finally, I could no longer tell myself I was imagining things, and Missie T was DM Flash Tested for the dna marker for DM, in July of 2005. She came up positive for the marker. Missie T is a tragedy-at her age to have a positive DM Flash test, and to be exhibiting symptoms of DM is a real eye opener, as far as breeding practices that have led us to this place. Missie T is 4 yrs old, so the argument that DM is an old dog's disease is untrue. The proof is in the pudding. The age of onset of DM has been dropping steadily through the years, but my words of warning fell on deaf ears! As much as I love this breed, I will never own a GSD again, and I will do my best to discourage anyone who contacts me about purchasing a GSD, until breeding practices change, and people become more open about the health problems in their lines. Please understand that this is NOT directed at Missie T's breeder, for I know she would never knowingly breed a dog that had a health problem. We co-owned several GSDS, and I know she turned down breedings in which she knew of health problems in the lines! She is as much a victim, as I am, due to the lack of candor in the breed. I cannot, in good conscience, ever send another person to heartbreak's door, until this scourge upon our breed is brought under control. People need to begin to share health information, OPENLY! That a 4 yr old should have DM is a disgrace and a total heartbreak.

I know I will have to look into Missie T's bright and shining eyes, and send her back to God, one day, when her mind will still be functioning perfectly, but her body will have betrayed her. She will feel no pain, but I will feel enough pain to fill the universe. I know this road I have to travel, all too well, having been there before, and the non-stop heartbreak, watching day by day, as she will grow weaker and weaker, and stumble and fall, and then the day when the DM bullet hits the bone, when she will no longer be able to get up. I will watch paralysis overtake her. This emotionally overwhelming cruel disease, has been bred into the breed by people with selfish motives, i.e. the desire to win at all cost. Some people need to take up quilting, instead of breeding. If they ruin a piece of fabric, they dont hurt another. Breeding dogs is not a good hobby for those who have no heart or soul.

Missie T also has developed some skin problems. I had her allergy tested and she came up with what my vet said was the lowest numbers he had every seen on a dog allergy tested in his office. She was allergic to nothing, she wasnt even borderline on any of the tests, but she is susceptable to staph infections. I began to bring her to the vet to desensitize her to staph, but with her positive Flash test, Dr Clemmons felt it would be best to stop the desensitization, as that would be challenging her immune system, which is something you dont want to do with a dog with a positive Flash test. I have been using some Gold Bond powder on her abdomen/groin area which is where she is most susceptable to infection. It seems to work to control the problem.

Pedigree URL:
(Sire side)
(Windswept's Bestseller v Jarnan)
Ch Utopia's Ghostwriter OFA Sel Ch Jericho's Gatineau ROM OFA Von Ivo's Tru Spirit of Jericho ROM OFA
Sunday Silence of Nordlicht ROM OFA
Utopia's Episode v Backacres ROM OFA Sel Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM OFA
Randheim's Restless Heart OFA
Windswept's Libby v Utopia OFA Ch Utopia's Week-end Warrior OFA Ch Leiter's Excalibur ROM OFA
Utopia's Episode V Backachers ROM OFA
Backachers Reah Grande (prelimmed normal) Ch Bomar's Rio Grande Covy Tucker Hill ROM OFA
Lidansa's Josette OFA
(Dam side)
(Drum-Phenyx Windswept Glori)
Ch Utopia's Week-end Warrior OFA Ch Leiter's Excalibur ROM OFA Proven Hill's Justin OFA
Weicho's Casino OFA
Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM OFA Sel Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM OFA
Randheim's Restless Heart
Windswept's Flame N' Glory Ch Utopia's Eliminator OFA Sel Ch Nike Clayfield Andretti ROM OFA
Randheim's Restless Heart OFA
Backachers Fayme N' Fortune Ch Bomar's Rio Grande Covy Tucker Hill ROM OFA
Backachers Amores

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A huge thank you and tons of hugs to Angus Cook for volunteering his time and efforts to get the GSDBBR working. This could not have been accomplished without his help. We are most grateful for your help, Angus! :)

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