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Thank You to Barb Williams and members of a German Shepherd list of breeders who have decided that it is time to concentrate on health problems within the breed!

To Angus Cook,
There are friendships in life that are so valuable that one wonders how they ever managed without that person in their life. This is a perfect description of our friendship, Angus :) You are truly an incredible man! After all the hours and months of work on Heaven's Gate, for which you refused compensation, when you heard of the new project I was hoping to put together, The German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry, you stepped right up to the plate, and volunteered to create it for us, without even being asked, and refusing compensation once again!!! I am so very grateful to you, Angus - for your friendship, and for you being *you*! How blessed I am to call you "friend"!

How do I begin to thank you for taking the time, once again, to tackle such a major project?? How do I thank you for taking your own free time, and helping breeders of German Shepherd Dogs to better the breed ... Even more amazing is the fact that you are doing this out of the kindness of your heart, in an effort to help us achieve our goal of producing a healthier dog, and you dont even own a dog yourself! I have come to believe that God sent me an angel, in you :) Angus, you a very very special - a definite one of a kind!

Thank you for thinking of ways to make the GSDBBR run more smoothly, so entries can be made with ease. You have helped to make the GSDBBR that much more valuable. You are one very special person! {{{{{Angus}}}}}}

To Barb Williams, with much love,
Your endless support has kept me going from the birth of this project to fruition. You have mentored me, educated me, and helped me in any way you could possibly help, and I want to thank you for always *being there* for me. I truly value your friendship and your incredible knowledge! Thank you for choosing a perfect name for this Registry; the name you have suggested says it all!

To the members of the AmerGSD List,
You are the pioneers in the breed who will make a difference. Your open minds and your willingness to try to bring about changes will set a pattern for others to follow. Thank you for answering and taking part in my endless polls, letting me know exactly what information breeders need to make the right breeding choices, and helping me gather the information needed to make this Breed registry work! I am most grateful to all of you :)

To Bill Elliott,
Thank you for working with us, side by side, tracking down the fonts, colors and creating the buttons for the GSDBBR. Thanks for answering my frantic SOS "I need it done yesterday", emails, always with a *smile* in the words you typed.

To Vicki Kniss,
Thank you for your organizational skills, your help, support, and for sending me the emails from Angus and Bill, that AOL always bounced. Thanks for always finding the right words, whenever I came up blank!

Hugs and love to you all!
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A huge thank you and tons of hugs to Angus Cook for volunteering his time and efforts to get the GSDBBR working. This could not have been accomplished without his help. We are most grateful for your help, Angus! :)

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