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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this database form and help us in our research.

Information on any dog may only be submitted to this project with permission of the owner of the dog; if you were not the actual dog owner, please seek their permission BEFORE taking this survey - thank you.

Much of the form is self-explanatory; however a few points are worth noting:
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In any field asking for the Registered Kennel Name (Dog Name, Sire, Dam, Pedigree Information), please enter only the Registered Kennel Name for the dog and leave off any other detail you may hold (such as titles, names of siblings, etc).

Boxes are provided for the titles, and if details for any of the dog's siblings are held, then please make separate entries for those dogs.

In addition, the database is able to link up dogs within the pedigree based on the kennel names given, and if incorrect information is entered into those fields, the linking mechanism may not work correctly.

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Some of the health problems have been set up rather tersely in order to save space. Here we'd like to outline what some of the less obvious health problems may cover.

Cardiovascular System Heart and Blood Vessels
Digestive System Esophagus, Intestine, Gall Bladder, Liver, Pancreas, and Stomach
Endocrine System Adrenal Gland, Parathyroid Gland, Part of the Pancreas, and Thyroid
Digestive System Esophagus, Intestine, Gall Bladder, Liver, Pancreas, and Stomach
Hematopoietic System Blood and Bone Marrow
Integumentary System Skin and Coat
Lymphatic System Lymph nodes and Lymph Vessels
Muscoskeletal System Bones, Joints, and Muscles
Nervous System Neurological disorders involving the Brain, Spinal Cord, Tissues, and Nerves
Respiratory System Bronchi, Mouth, Nose, and Trachea
Sensory System Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
Urogenital System Genital Organs and Kidneys

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Here are some basic instructions for using HTML in the "Comments" area of the GSD Registry form.
This will enable you to do some neat things in your Comments textarea box when you fill out the form; one such trick is to insert a pic of your dog into your entry, like this...

Jack Flash

The generic code to type for inserting such an image is as follows:
<img src="http://image_url/image_file" width="W" height="H">

Thus an example of the exact code to insert Jack Flash's image above is:
<img src=""
 width="235" height="263">
Note: Please do not insert an image that has a width in excess of 400 pixels, or is greater than 25KB in size. If you do, then we are likely to remove the image from your entry because it has a huge negative speed impact for other visitors!

If you wish to include a link to a larger picture, please use the following code instead:-
<a href="http://image_url/image_file" target="_blank">
Please click here to see a picture (new window)
where the image_url and image_file are the same as before. Thus for Jack Flash above, it will look like this:-

Please click here to see a picture (new window)

and the specific HTML code to achieve this looks like this:-
<a href="" target="_blank">
Please click here to see a picture (new window)
You can, of course, change the "Please click here to see a picture (new window)" to any other suitable text as and if required.

Please feel free to post links to other sites in the Comments area of the GSD Registry form that contain appropriate references to pages similar to the Memorial page here.

The general code to type for linking to a webpage is:
<a href="http://url" target="_blank">Clickable word(s) here</a>
where:- Thus the code to use to link to the Memorial Page above is:
<a href="" target="_blank">
Memorial page here
Important: When referencing by creating any link, either to a page or an image, you MUST include the code target="_blank". That will cause a new browser window to open for that link. If you fail to do this, the new link will REPLACE the page the form is on. Such links are then subject to editing by the site administrator to include the target="_blank" clause. It will not be removed however, as would an inserted picture that doesn't conform to the rules that outlined above.

Note: Some servers prohibit "cross-loading" images from websites that are hosted at those servers. If you know that your server does this, please use the second method of linking your picture, because use of the first method will fail (the picture will not be displayed). If one of the site administrators sees that this has happened to you, they will change it to a link (second method) for you. At this time there are no facilities to actually host your picture on this site, due to webspace considerations.

Miscellaneous HTML tags you might use...
Pressing your ENTER key in the Comments area of the form will cause a line break to appear in your Comments when they are displayed on the GSD Registry pages. It is set up to accept HTML - the language of Web pages - and you may use this to link pictures and websites if you desire. It also allows for the following formatting to be achieved:

Please note that you must close HTML tags in the reverse order in which they were opened, or what is displayed may not be exactly what you had in mind. Thus the following example is invalid and may not work correctly:

<i><u>Incorrect method to italicize and underline some text</i></u>

None of the above HTML codes within <brackets> or "carets" will appear in the results of your submission once added to the GSD Registry page. You will see them as you type them in the Comments area, but they will be interpreted correctly in the final result. So please don't worry!

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Some ISPs (and any special mail client software), especially AOL but by no means restricted to AOL, filter out automatically generated e-mail as it is considered to be junk e-mail, or spam.

If you use such a service, it is quite possible that you may not readily see the confirmation e-mail sent by this site when you make a database entry. There is a spam folder into which mails that are considered to be spam are sent, and you may need to look there for your confirmation message. It will be easy to spot because it will be from "submissions" and have a subject title of "Your GSD Registry Entry: 999" where 999 is your guest ID. It may be worthwhile setting up a mail filter to accept any mail that has the words "GSD Registry" in the title to make sure you don't miss any important confirmation e-mails and contacts from anybody who contacts you as a result of your database entry here (any such communication will result in you receiving an e-mail with the subject line "Contact from GSD Registry" so you'll know exactly where it came from).

Should you not receive your confirmation e-mail, please contact the owner of this site as soon as possible.

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All entries to this database must be confirmed within 2 days, after which time the entry will be automatically deleted. Confirmation is achieved by way of automatically sending you an e-mail to the specified e-mail address once your entry has been successfully added, and you following the simple instructions given there; don't worry, it will usually involve nothing more than clicking on a link.
This is a security measure to help us preserve the integrity of the data held on our database.

Please see this important note concerning automatic e-mails.

Here is an example of the e-mail you will receive when you fill out this database form. It will be sent in plain text format with no HTML formatting or JavaScript, and will have the subject heading "Your GSD Registry Entry:" followed by your entry (guest) number.

Subject: Your GSD Registry Entry: 123 (Dog's name)

Dear <Name>,

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the GSD Registry database form. Your entry has been stored in the database.

You need it to 'confirm' your database entry now, and maybe later should you need to edit your entry.

To ensure the integrity of the data it is necessary to confirm your entry as soon as possible. (2 days maximum) especially if you wish to place details of more than one dog into the database. Failure to do so will result in your entry being automatically removed.

Non AOL users only: To confirm your entry, please just click on this link:

AOL users, or if the above fails: Please click on this link instead:

<a href="">Confirm Entry</a>

Should that fail also, then please accept our apologies but you'll need to follow these instructions instead:

1. Point a browser window to
2. Click on the link labelled "Confirm Database Entry"
3. Click in the area marked "Guest ID" and enter 123 (wnere 123 is the entry ID given in the subject line of the email)
4. Click in the area marked "Confirmation Code" and enter BkeIjEt9m2D9SK12zH8f - the best way to do this is to copy and paste; the letters are case-sensitive.
5. Click on the Confirm button

You will receive a message informing you that your entry has been confirmed and your entry will then become permanent in the database.

You will not receive any further automatic e-mails from us pertaining to this dog, and you are not signing up to any newsletters; furthermore, we will not make your e-mail address available to any third parties.

Should you need to edit your details, then simply follow the instructions as for confirming your entry, and you will see an 'Edit' button. You may use that to make changes to your entry as and when required. This is why it is so important to not delete this e-mail.

Please do not reply to this e-mail or send any mails to this address; it is not manned and all mails sent here are automatically deleted.

Thanks again, and best regards,

The GSD Registry Team.

If you did not receive such an e-mail upon submission of your dog's details, please contact the owner of this site as soon as possible.

You will receive one e-mail of this nature for each dog submitted into the database.
PLEASE SEE THIS IMPORTANT NOTE concerning automatically generated e-mails if you have not already done so.

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Many databases support what is known as "wildcard" searching. Just as in some card games, where jokers can act as any card the player desires, so there are two special characters you can enter that act as "search jokers", matching either as many characters as you like or exactly one character. Technically, these are known as "wildcards".

The two wildcard characters are the percent sign (%) and the underscore (_).

In addition, there is another built-in feature known as "soundex", which enables you to search for words that sound like other words. This will be discussed after the explanation of wildcard searching.

Single-Character Matching
Supposing you are searching for a database entry that was made by either a Smith or a Smyth. You cannot remember or do not know which it is. But you want to carry out a search that will stand a good chance of returning the results you want without getting too many irrelevant results.

To find all the Smiths and Smyths, you can enter the following search criterion:
The underscore says, "Match any one, and exactly one character in its character position". Thus Smith and Smyth will both match this search criterion because it does not matter what is in the third position; provided the first, second, fourth, and fifth characters all match, you will get a matching result.

Multiple-Character Matching
Now let's suppose you are looking for an entry that was made by either a Smith or a Smithson. It could also have been made by a Smithson-Jones or a Smith-Jones - you don't know or cannot remember: All you do know is that it was a Smith something or other.
There is a way to achieve this by using a search such as the following:
The percent sign says, "Match any number of characters (which can legitimately be zero) at that position". Thus Smithson and Smith-Jones will both match, but not Smythson because of the "y". Smithe and Smitheson will also match.

Now let's get a bit more complex still. You know that the entry was made by someone called Smith something or other Jones, but you do not know how the "smith" is spelled, or whether in fact it wasn't even "Smythson"! Consider the following search criterion:
The underscore says that we must match exactly one character after the "sm" and that it does not matter what that character is. The next two must be "th". After this, we can have as many characters as we like provided the word "Jones" comes afterwards. Thus all the following names will match:

Smytheson Jones

The fourth one, SmithJones, matches because the percent sign can legitimately match exactly zero characters.

Begins, Ends, Contains
In fact, the person has probably entered their first forename or a title rather than just his/her surname. Thus the above searches may not work at all! There are two things you can do to get round this problem. The first is to put a percent sign at the start of the string, thus:
and the other is to use either the "Ends" or "Contains" radio button. You see, saying that the search string is to end with (or contain) the entered text is to say that you want the search engine to put a percent sign at the front for you, thus saving you from having to enter it. Thus the above search, or specifying Ends With, will match the following names:

James Smith-Jones
Mr. Smithson-Jones
John SmithJones
Derek Smytheson Jones

However, these will not be matched...

Smith-Jones, Mr
Smythe-Jones, Derek

...because the search is actually specifying that the name had to end in Sm_th%Jones. Should we want to catch these ones as well, we need to either use a percent sign at the end of the search string, like so:
and use the Ends search method, or, much better, to leave the ending percent sign off and use the Contains radio button.

The Contains radio button will cause a percent sign to be added at both the beginning AND the end of the search string, thus forming %Sm_th%Jones%.
This will cause Sm_th%Jones to be matched anywhere in the field.

Soundex is a database-provided feature that enables you to search for words that sound like another word. Thus "hair", "heir", and "hare" will all match on a Soundex search. It cannot be used in conjunction with the wildcards described above - either the whole field matches on a Soundex match or nothing in that field does. There is one limitation to its use however, and this is not something that anything can be done about. Certain words that you would think should match actually won't. For example, "air" and "ear" will not match, neither will "heir" and "ear". The reason for this is technical: Soundex works by preserving the first letter of the words, and then working out a code to determine whether they are likely to sound similar in English. Now the initial letters of "ear" and "air" are different, thus the Soundex codes won't match, thereby leading to a matching failure. Soundex matching has been included as it may be very useful in certain circumstances, subject to the above limitation.

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Please take note of the following legal information:-

  1. This is a not for profit website.
    No funds are to be sent or collected from this website, or in the name of this website.

  2. All material on this site, except where indicated, is © M. Zimmerman 1998-2018.
    No material from this site may be reproduced or copied without express written permission of the copyright holder.
    This whole site is copyrighted including the name "The GSDBBR: The German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry".
    Additionally, the use of the name "GSD Registry: a database for causes of death in the German Shepherd Dog" for any use not in connection with this website is not allowed, unless permission is granted by the site owner.
    The copying of any material or photographs for personal, commercial, internet, publication anywhere, or any other use is specifically prohibited. However, permission to quote one or two sentences for review purposes is granted where full credits and URL are cited and notification of same is given to the owner of this site, who can be contacted here.

  3. It is not our intention to infringe anyone's copyright!
    All reasonable care and attention has been made to ensure that copyrighted material is acknowledged as such prior to publishing on this website. However, if you are the copyright holder of any other item on this site, and wish to be recognised as such (or even have your item removed) please let us know by way of email, giving appropriate references, then we will be able to make a suitable amendment.

  4. The owner and moderators of this board will not be held liable for any false information posted by another. If there is any problem with a pedigree posted to this board please contact the administrator of this board to get the pedigree removed.
    Thank you for your anticipated cooperation :)

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Thank You to Barb Williams and members of a German Shepherd list of breeders who have decided that it is time to concentrate on health problems within the breed!

To Angus Cook,
There are friendships in life that are so valuable that one wonders how they ever managed without that person in their life. This is a perfect description of our friendship, Angus :) You are truly an incredible man! After all the hours and months of work on Heaven's Gate, for which you refused compensation, when you heard of the new project I was hoping to put together, The German Shepherd Dog Breed Betterment Registry, you stepped right up to the plate, and volunteered to create it for us, without even being asked, and refusing compensation once again!!! I am so very grateful to you, Angus - for your friendship, and for you being *you*! How blessed I am to call you "friend"!

How do I begin to thank you for taking the time, once again, to tackle such a major project?? How do I thank you for taking your own free time, and helping breeders of German Shepherd Dogs to better the breed ... Even more amazing is the fact that you are doing this out of the kindness of your heart, in an effort to help us achieve our goal of producing a healthier dog, and you dont even own a dog yourself! I have come to believe that God sent me an angel, in you :) Angus, you a very very special - a definite one of a kind!

Thank you for thinking of ways to make the GSDBBR run more smoothly, so entries can be made with ease. You have helped to make the GSDBBR that much more valuable. You are one very special person! {{{{{Angus}}}}}}

To Barb Williams, with much love,
Your endless support has kept me going from the birth of this project to fruition. You have mentored me, educated me, and helped me in any way you could possibly help, and I want to thank you for always *being there* for me. I truly value your friendship and your incredible knowledge! Thank you for choosing a perfect name for this Registry; the name you have suggested says it all!

To the members of the AmerGSD List,
You are the pioneers in the breed who will make a difference. Your open minds and your willingness to try to bring about changes will set a pattern for others to follow. Thank you for answering and taking part in my endless polls, letting me know exactly what information breeders need to make the right breeding choices, and helping me gather the information needed to make this Breed registry work! I am most grateful to all of you :)

To Bill Elliott,
Thank you for working with us, side by side, tracking down the fonts, colors and creating the buttons for the GSDBBR. Thanks for answering my frantic SOS "I need it done yesterday", emails, always with a *smile* in the words you typed.

To Vicki Kniss,
Thank you for your organizational skills, your help, support, and for sending me the emails from Angus and Bill, that AOL always bounced. Thanks for always finding the right words, whenever I came up blank!

Hugs and love to you all!
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A huge thank you and tons of hugs to Angus Cook for volunteering his time and efforts to get the GSDBBR working. This could not have been accomplished without his help. We are most grateful for your help, Angus! :)

All material on this site, except where indicated, is © M. Zimmerman 1998-2018.
Initial Idea for Project: 1998; Questionnaire Date: January 17, 2005 (last modified August 13, 2012)
Please click here for a full legal statement (new window)